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Education Leadership Course

Course Details:

  • Course duration is  4  months(Extendable by 2 months)
  • Comprises of expert videos, written content, assignments and reading references.
  • Final Assessment 
  • Program content is curated by tenured faculty at Missouri State University , USA.
  • Carefully designed assignments and activities that give you first hand experience of the impact of the concepts taught.
  • E-certificate from Missouri State University, USA at successful completion of the course.

Course Audience: 

For Principals of Primary, middle and secondary School & B.Ed. colleges, supervisors

Course Objective:

This comprehensive module covers the entire spectrum of skills and several tools needed to become effective managers and leaders.


Module 1: Growth Mindset 

Participants will understand the importance of a growth mindset for learners of all ages and will be able to list steps to foster a growth mindset in themselves and their students .

Module 2: Cultural Dimensions 

Participants will develop cross-cultural sensitivity through learning the six dimensions of culture in detail and their application to educational leadership in India and other societies.

Module 3: Emotional Intelligence & Self-Reflection 

Participants will understand emotional intelligence and its components, how it relates to leadership and how self-reflection is an important part of growth as a leader.

 Module 4: Leadership as Change, Not a Title

Participants will understand that leadership can be defined by their impact, or the practical changes a person makes within their organization, and empower learners to see themselves as able to create change and, thus, to lead.

Module 5: Finding Your Voice 

Participants will understand the strength of their viewpoint as classroom teachers or in-school educators and begin to recognize their own expertise by sharing in practical public spaces.

Module 6:Transformational Leadership and Introduction to Leadership Frameworks

Participants will understand the traits and practices of a transformational leader as compared to a transactional leader and will be ready to apply these concepts to their own workplace context.  

Module 7: Distributed Leadership 

Participants will understand the advantages and barriers of distributed leadership.

Module 8: Data-Driven Leadership 

Participants will understand the benefits of collecting and analyzing performance and goal-tracking data in order to best identify both organizational problems and solutions and to present information to interested stakeholders.

Module 9: Quiet Leadership 

Participants will understand the value of leadership traits traditionally associated with introversion and hear examples of solution-oriented self-directed learning used to capitalize on the strengths of all team members.  

Module 10: Strategies for Building Student Leadership 

Participants will be able to understand the positive impact of student leadership and strategic pathways to developing students as leaders and will be able to implement simple strategies for building student leadership in their school or classroom. 

Module 11:  How to Run a Training 

Participants will learn frameworks and techniques for running effective trainings with adult learners. 

Module 12: Parents & Community Members as School Partners

Participants will understand the proven value of becoming active partners with parents, the local community, and national stakeholders in order to foster collective success.


Key Takeaways:

  • A blueprint for becoming a strong leader 
  • The ability to influence teachers you work with
  • Tools & skills to identify real life conflict and identify solutions which match best practices.
  • Techniques for running effective trainings
  • Strategies to partner with all stakeholders.

About the Faculty

Clinical Psychologist and Remedial Educator with 20 years of experience in remediation of children across various difficulties and has been part of an inclusive set up for ten years. She is an English Language expert with a vast experience of using Sound in Syllables methodology in her teaching . Co-founder of Leap Ahead Assessment and Learning Centre as well as Vrudhi Edtech

Aysel Engineer

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. Mentor for Fellowship Program At the Other Song –Maharashtra University of health Sciences .25 years of strong background in Homeopathic Practice, treating children with ADD/HD successfully. Extensive experience in bridging technology and behavioural science

Dr Dhaval Mody

Jennifer Johnston is the English Language Institute, Teacher Training Programs Director at Missouri State University, USA. She has taught for over 25 years, both in the United States and in South Korea and Japan. Jennifer began her career teaching at the community college level and since has taught at the middle school, high school and university levels. Jennifer is a certified CELTA tutor and regularly teaches in the CELTA at Missouri State University. She has also taught in several teacher training programs at Missouri State, including the PDPI program for Brazilian teachers and the Khebrat program for Saudi teachers. She has also conducted teacher training workshops in several countries including Colombia, Japan and Kazakhstan.

Jennifer Johnston

Rachel Love, one of our Teacher Training Specialists, has been teaching English to speakers of other languages, both as a K-8 English Language Learner (ELL) Specialist in public schools in the U.S. and as an EFL instructor in Europe and Asia, for 9 years. Throughout her career, she has developed curriculum for English instruction and for teacher training and development, including serving as interim director of ELL Learning at ICSB international school in Budapest, Hungary. Rachel is interested in language, literacy, and multi-cultural understanding and has traveled widely, visiting many countries over 5 continents and holding teaching engagements in four countries (South Korea, Hungary, Columbia, and Kenya). She has been part of the Teacher Training team since 2017 and has overseen the experience-based training aspect of each cohort of the Khebrat program for Saudi teachers, as well as other initiatives, particularly those with a K-12 focus.

Rachel Love

Dr. Yuan Helen Zhuang joined the International Leadership and Training Center at Missouri State University (MSU) as the Language Specialist in 2016. She received her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from Northern Arizona University (NAU). She also has an MA in TESOL from MSU and an MA in English Language and Literature from Liaoning Normal University, China. She has more than ten years of experience in adult English as Second/Foreign (ESL/EFL) education and has also taught undergraduate and graduate level courses at NAU and MSU. Her teaching and research interests include Second Language Acquisition (SLA), second language pronunciation and intelligibility, ESL listening and speaking, translation, cross-cultural communication, and teacher training.

Dr. Yuan Helen Zhuang